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When businesses evaluate potential suppliers or service providers, they are keenly aware of the bigger picture: knowledge, experience, quality performance and reputation for innovation. They consider the short- and long-term risks of entering into a business relationship.

They ask themselves questions like:

Businesses also consider total costs-not just prices or hourly rates-associated with working with a service provider.

Are there hidden costs?

What are the liability and tax implications of entering into this business relationship?

More importantly how much could a bad decision end up costing us?

When you search for the right Holiday Cottage Management Service, it’s easy to get caught up in service details:

What rooms will and won’t be cleaned?

Which parts of rooms will be cleaned?

Who will be in my home?

Will it always be the same person?

When will it happen?

What’s the price?

What happens if things go wrong?

How can I maximize booking potential?

In short, we do everything to ensure the best outcome for our owners and guests, our expertise and experience will put your mind at ease.

What follows is a handy reference guide for evaluating potential Holiday Cottage Management Service providers from the same perspective, allow us to demonstrate why we are the best:

What to ask: What we say: Why:
• How do you ensure you are cleaning both effectively AND efficiently? • Choose high-performance-not merely cheap-cleaning chemicals and tools

Care about improving and perfecting cleaning processes

• Our cottages are cleaned to tourist board standards

• Housekeepers are allocated cottages as opposed to time limits, this minimises housekeeping costs for our owners

• Which cleaning chemicals, tools, and processes do you use for which jobs and why? • We have reasons for their choices and can articulate them; know what is safe and effective to use on which surfaces

• Demonstrate solid working knowledge of best cleaning practices

• Focus on protection and sanitization

• Use correct procedures and tools to avoid cross-contamination in your home

• You get the best clean for the least amount of already minimal potential risk to your clients health and property

• You get the best long-term protection for your valuable assets

• Are employers checked and references supplied? • Yes • You will be protected against theft
• Do you have insurance? • Yes • You will be protected from personal financial liability for workmen’s compensation should a cleaning service provider be injured while working in your home
• How will you protect the security of my home? • Controlled access to keys

• Coding of keys to protect owners’ identities

• Locked/secure storage of keys and key locations

• Rest assured we protect your cottages as if they were our own
• Your prices seem higher than some others I have seen. How do your account for this? • Better/safer cleaning products

• Better cleaning processes

• Environmentally protective/green cleaning products and processes where possible

• Campden Housekeepers have Insurance to cover every eventuality

• Invest in employee training/quality control/safety

• Cottages are not only cleaned but maintained 365 days a year

• All cottages are inspected prior to guest arrival, fire/health and safety report is made and filed

• Provide all cleaning products, toiletries, welcome to include fresh flowers, cake, milk, tea, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate in the winter

• Cater for guest needs to include dietary, concierge package.

• Campden House keepers offer a bespoke service to suit our client’s needs.

• We manage your holiday cottage so that our clients are reassured that they will lose no potential income from bookings. (Holiday Cottages are cleaned on guest departure ready for our next guest.)

• We are local and therefore can respond to late bookings and any ‘emergency’

• We provide a call out service so both client and guest can contact us

• We have a list of insured, reputable contractors that we can call at short notice to deal with any situation that may arise

• We also provide a monthly itemised invoice for your own records.

• We offer value for money

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