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Campden Cottages Ltd – Booking Terms and Conditions

Please read these Booking Terms and Conditions carefully before booking your accommodation. You will make a booking and pay the deposit but a legally binding contract is only made once you receive your booking confirmation. Reservation requests taken via our website are not confirmed bookingsuntil we have sent you written confirmation of your booking.

All bookings, whether made by telephone, fax, on-line, website or in person, are governed by these Booking Terms and Conditions. The Hire Contract is between you the customer (Hirer) and the ownerof the relevant property (Owner). The booking arrangements are made by Campden Cottages Ltd (Company) as agent, on behalf of the Owner and not as principals.

The booking of the property shall be in the name of one person (the Hirer) who completes the booking form and he/she shall be responsible for the actions of all persons included on the form and should ensure that they are aware of, and comply with, the Booking Terms and Conditions. The names of all members of the party must be included on the booking form. The person who completes the booking  form warrants that he / she is authorised to agree the Company’s Booking Terms and Conditions and is acting on behalf of all persons including those substituted or who join the party at a later date. No booking will be accepted from a Hirer under the age of 18. Any property hired by you is on the basisthat the property is to be occupied for a holiday as mentioned in the Housing Act 1988 Schedule 1 paragraph 9 and the Hirer acknowledges that these Booking Terms and Conditions do not confer onthe Hirer any security of tenure within the terms of that Act.

The construction, validity and performance of these Booking Terms and Conditions is governed by thelaw of England and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The Hirer agrees that the contract with the Owner is made at the Owner’s premises and that any proceedings between the parties shall be conducted in the County Court nearest to the Owner. Clause headings arefor convenience only and do not form part of, or affect, the interpretation of this contract.

By submitting a booking form you warrant and confirm to us that you have read these Booking Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them.

1. Liability

The Company uses its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of property descriptions and their facilities. All statements regarding the properties are made in good faith and are believed to becorrect but the Company cannot be held responsible for misunderstandings or changes beyond itscontrol or changes which have not been notified to them by the Owner. No liability is accepted whatsoever by the Company for any misrepresentation of property material or accommodation. If there are any points of particular importance please contact us to clarify information.

2. Force Majeure

Neither the Company nor Owner can accept any liability whatsoever for any problems that occur while guests occupy the property of their choice. In particular, the Company/Owner cannot acceptliability for happenings outside its reasonable control such as the breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing or wiring problems, temporary invasion of pests or damage resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as exceptional weather conditions, local or national strikes, fire and acts of government or of any other authorities.The Company cannot accept liability for the Owner’s negligence resulting in loss, injury or accident.
3. Payments

Once a booking request has been confirmed by the Company a deposit payment is required. If the booking is made within 7 weeks of the date of arrival then full payment is required immediately.Once a booking is confirmed by the Company the Hirer is responsible for the total agreed price ofthe property. Balance payments will be processed automatically to the same debit or credit cardused for the deposit payment unless we hear from you to the contrary. The Company will not accept responsibility for cash sent through the post. Payment can be made by Debit Card or by Visa/Mastercard subject to a card processing fee. Payments made by bank transfer should bemade in UK pounds and any handling/bank charges must be paid by the Hirer. Once the deposit has been paid the booking confirmation for the property will be e mailed or if requested, sent by post. Where an initial deposit is paid, the balance must be paid by 7 weeks before the commencement date of the booking. If this is not paid by the due date, then theCompany reserve the right to cancel the booking without any refund. Once the final payment hasbeen made, the Company will send you confirmation of the payment, directions, instructions for the key and any other relevant information.

4. Cancellation by the Hirer

The Hirer, or any member of the party, may cancel the booking at any time. However, no refund will be made for any monies paid unless the Company is able to rebook the whole or part of the period of the cancelled holiday. It may not be possible to rebook the period at the full cost of the original booking but the Company will refund the value of this re-booking less reasonable costs incurred.It is strongly recommended that the Hirer takes out cancellation insurance.

5. Cancellation by the Owner

If deemed necessary the Company reserves the right to withdraw or cancel a property booking. In this unlikely event, the Hirer will be offered the choice of renting another property through the Company (subject to availability) with the price difference payable/refundable as appropriate or of receiving a full refund of all monies paid. No compensation is payable by the Company.

6. Check In And Check Out Time

Arrival time is 4.00pm onwards. Departure time is by 10.00am.The Hirer should not arrive before this time or depart after this time (unless agreed by the Companyin writing) to allow time for cleaning and servicing. Late check outs will attract a further charge. On check out, the property is to be locked and the keys returned in accordance with the arrival instructions sent to the Hirer.

7. Use of Property

The Hirer must not assign, underlet or share possession of the hired property or any part of it. TheHirer shall use the hired property for the purpose of a private holiday residence for the maximum ofagreed persons only, as stated on the website/in the brochure, and not for any other purpose whatsoever. The Hirer must not use the property or any part of it for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose. The Hirer shall indemnify the Owner/Company against any claim which may ariseas a result of their holiday letting, the Hirer’s use of the property and the Hirer’s breach of any of these Booking Terms and Conditions.

8. Behaviour

If, in the opinion of the Company/Owner, the Hirer or a member of their party is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other parties, the contract may be discharged and the Company/Owner may repossess the property immediately. If Hirers or their guests are found to be smoking within a property they maybe asked to leave. The Hirer will remain liable for the whole cost of the hire and no refund shall be due. Furthermore, the Hirer will be liable to reimburse the Company for any expenses however incurred as a result of the Hirer or a member of the Hirer’s party’s behaviour.

9. Right of Access

The Owner/Company or their Contractor shall be allowed the right of entry to the property at allreasonable times during the day for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs ormaintenance. Emergency access is permitted at all times.

10. Hirer’s Responsibilities

The Hirer is responsible for the property and is expected to take reasonable care of it. All properties are Non Smoking within the building. In addition, it is not permitted to smoke in the garden of any thatched cottage. All equipment, utensils etc must be left clean and correctly replaced in their original location. The property must be left clean and tidy on departure. All rubbish and waste food must be removed from the property. The Hirer shall ensure that the property is securely locked when not occupied during the period of the booking and on departure.

11. Damages, Breakages and Cleanliness

The Hirer will be held responsible for any damage or breakages at the property or to its contents whether a security deposit has been taken or not. In the event of such an occurrence the incident must be reported to the Owner, Housekeeper or the Company immediately and appropriate compensation made (any items shall be replaced at equal value). Hirers are not permitted to move any furniture or equipment without written permission from the Owner/Company. If permission is granted, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to return the same to its original position before departure.Under no circumstances must any furniture or equipment for use inside the property be moved outside.

12. Security/Damage Deposit

Where a security deposit is held on behalf of the Owner this will normally be refunded within 7 days of departure of the Hirer, once the Owner or Housekeeper or their representative has made a full inspection of the property. Where damage or breakage has occurred but has not been reported,the Hirer will be informed. An additional charge will also be made if extra cleaning is necessary as a result of the property being left in a dirty condition upon the Hirer’s departure. Any losses or money owed to the Owner will be taken from a security deposit. If no security deposit is taken (or the security deposit amount is insufficient) the Owner/Company shall be entitled to make an additional charge to the Hirer.

13. Third Parties

The Owner and the Company do not accept any responsibility or liability for acts or omissions of third parties, which may prevent or disrupt a Hirer’s booking. In particular, any building work which may commence in the local area is outside their control and neither the Owner nor the Company can be held responsible for any resulting disturbance. However, should the Owner/Company become aware of any building work which may reasonably be considered to adversely affect the enjoyment of your holiday, the Company will notify the Hirer as soon as possible, and wherever possible, the Hirer will be offered the opportunity to transfer to an alternative property at the advertised price.

14. Pets

A dog is permitted at some cottages but only with the prior consent of the Company. No other pets are allowed.

A weekly charge is made for a dog. Registered guide and support dogs belonging to those withvisual and hearing impairments are permitted at all properties free of charge. Customers with allergies should be aware that neither the Company nor the Owner can guarantee that there have been no dog previously at any property nor can they accept liability for any suffering which mayoccur as a result of such animals having been present.If a dog/pet is taken to a property where dogs/pets are excluded, or the stated number/size of dogs is exceeded, the Owner and the Company are entitled to refuse entry and this will be treated as acancellation by the Hirer. Please note that if a property is advertised as having an enclosed garden, this does not necessarily mean a secure garden. It may be enclosed by hedging or open style fencing.

15. Complaint Procedure

If the Hirer wishes to complain, the Company, together with the Owner, will want to take action to sort out the complaint as soon as possible. Because the contract is with the Owner, the Hirer should initially put concerns to them or to their representative (which may be the Company). It is essential that contact is made immediately any problem arises so that it can be sorted out asquickly as possible. If the Hirer cannot contact the Owner or their representative, or is not happy with their response, the Hirer should immediately, or in any event before departure, contact the Company to allow remedial action to be taken. The Company can be contacted on 01386-593315 or at It is specifically agreed that failure by the Hirer to notify theCompany of any complaint prior to departure will entitle the Company to refuse to entertain the complaint, irrespective of its merits. Under no circumstances, will the Company’s liability exceed the rental paid for the property.

February 2013

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