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Whether it’s a second home, or if you have a property that you would like to rent as a holiday home, Campden Cottages would like to hear from you.

The Cotwolds is a world renowned area of outstanding natural beauty, steeped in history and culture. Campden Cottages wants to offer everyone the chance to enjoy everything this scenic part of the world has to offer. We work on behalf of our property owners to allow guests these opportunities.

If you have property that you want to be developed, we also have the means and expertise to establish a cottage for you and others to enjoy.

What we are looking for:

What we are offering:

To summarize, property managing to include everything to ensure our owners enjoy steady income, have their properties maintained, with zero effort on your behalf.

Why Campden Cottages is right for you.

We offer a service to suit the owner rather than the other way round. If you desire us to take bookings only we can cater to your needs. Should housekeeping be required, that can be arranged. Our contracts can be tailored to your requirements.   

Our select size ensures that we can offer a bespoke service that large corporations simply cannot provide. We know the local area and only use local contacts to support our community that we are a part of.

We also tailor our cottages for seasonal events including Easter, race week, Christmas and so forth for our guests to enjoy, it is this attention to detail that that ensures Campden Cottages is unique.

Establishing a thorough and well planned evaluation process will guarantee that you get the best overall service for your investment.

Property maintenance, cleanliness, and feeling secure in the knowledge of a ‘back up’ system in place if problems do arise, the highest level of personal satisfaction, the least amount of financial risk, the lowest total cost, and the highest possible return on your investment.

Campden Cottages is a well established company with a wealth of expertise, we look forward to your enquiries.

If you have property that you would like us to manage and take bookings for, please contact us at

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